Dedicated to refining her craft with palpable authenticity is Victorian-born, NSW-based storyteller Cassady Southern. Following in the footsteps of her musician father, Cassady has expanded her knowledge and skill-sets, navigating herself through Blues to Rock N Roll to Dance-Pop - in pursuit of a song, irrespective of genre, and without limits.

This devotion has seen Cassady Southern release 2 independent EPs, a full-length studio album and three EDM singles, receiving national and international support from audiences and industry alike.

With a lifelong influence propelling her forward, Cassady’s music highlights the versatility of a seasoned creator - with a focus on strong melodies, rhythm, lyrics and instrumentation. It is modern and catchy but rooted in the authentic feel of her upbringing.

With a sense of dynamic creativity, Cassady Southern is taking to the blank canvas of 2023 and exploding it with colour and groove. She has new music slated for release in November 2023.


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