I grew up in a musical household in Victoria, with my father John playing in pioneering rock bands in Melbourne during the 70s. Band practice and musical visitors were a feature of my upbringing.

I released my first EP 'Don't ask me' in 2012. 'Don't ask me' contains a cover of the classic Stones track 'No Expectations'. The EP received radio airplay on a number of community radio stations including Triple R, FBI and PBS and the opening track 'Why didn't you want me?' was a finalist in the Rock category of the 2013 'MusicOz Awards'.

I released my second EP 'Heart' in 2016. 'Heart' also received airplay on many community radio stations across Australia and as well as on radio overseas and was featured in the top 100 Triple J Unearthed Charts. Three of the four tracks were also shortlisted in the 'Songsalive' song competition.

My music is largely pop rock but rooted in the authentic blues and rock of my upbringing. Songs range from upbeat pop rock, to soulful ballads, and blues rock country fusion. The tracks emphasise the use of instruments, particularly the electric guitar, and I have been very lucky to perform and record with highly talented musicians. My influences include The Rolling Stones, Powderfinger and The Divinyls. 

In 2018 and 2019 I was playing gigs around Sydney with a band including Pete Austin and Nathan Cunningham on guitar, Craig Orth on bass and John Duffy on drums. In 2020 I moved to Byron Bay and completed a Diploma of Music Production at SAE Creative Media Institute. During this time the band and I stayed in touch and worked up some demos of new material which we recorded in late 2020 at Damien Gerard Studios. The new material is out Friday 5 March 2021!