I was brought up in a musical household with my Dad fronting a number of bands and introducing us to a range of great music including Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones.


I dabbled with songwriting when I was younger and also played saxophone, piano and guitar.


I took it further in 2012 releasing my first EP 'Don't ask me'. With the help of Peter Northcote, Dario Bortolin, Lloyd G, Russell Parkhouse and my father John Southern, we recorded 6 tracks - 5 originals and a cover of the Stones classic 'No Expectations'. Given my limited experience the EP was quite well acclaimed, receiving airplay on a number of radio stations and with the opening track 'Why didn't you want me?' being selected as a finalist in the Rock category of the 2013 'MusicOz Awards'. A radio broadcaster made my day when they said that my cover of 'No Expectations' was their favourite version and they still play it today!


Being an independent, self-funded songwriter it was a few years between albums but I released my second EP ‘Heart’ in 2016. 'Heart' featured Wolf Mail on guitar and contained 4 new tracks including the single 'Breakdown'. This too received airplay on radio stations across Australia and internationally and also made the top 100 Triple J Unearthed Charts. Three of the four tracks were also shortlisted in the 'Songsalive' song competition. 

It was after releasing this EP that I finally managed to put my own band together and we have been playing and collaborating together over the years since then. The band features Peter Austin (guitar), Craig Orth (bass) and John Duffy (drums). In this time I’ve also played as an acoustic duo with Peter.

In April 2021 I released my debut album 'One track mind'. The album featured this band as well as Nathan Cunningham on guitar and was recorded at Damien Gerard Studios. It was produced by Marshall Cullen and myself. 


There are many who would question the need for an album in this day and age and especially as an artist like myself who doesn't yet have a huge following. But I wanted to record and release some of the increasing number of songs I had written before moving on to new songs and I think it’s a dream for any songwriter to make an album.


The ‘One track mind’ album features 8 new original tracks including the singles ‘You’ and ‘Drowning’ as well as a bonus acoustic version of a track. It has received extensive airplay on community radio stations and Triple J Unearthed, making #23 on the Triple J Unearthed charts.


My music is a combination of upbeat pop rock / country rock tracks as well as more soulful ballads. It touches on the universal themes of love and loss and has a focus on strong melodies, rhythm, lyrics and instrumentation. My musical influences include my dad, Powderfinger, The Divinyls and the Rolling Stones.