Cassady Southern is a modern blues singer-songwriter living in Sydney. 

Growing up her musical roots were inspired by her father John who fronted hi sown band and played with Oz rock pioneer Lobby Lloyde in the Coloured Balls.

John and Cassady's mother Jo immersed Cassady in a home dedicated to creating and sharing great music. She was immersed in the Rolling Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Musicians and producers were often house-guests and band practice was a regular fixture. Cassady learnt the piano and saxophone at a young age and sang in local community concerts.

Cassady took her music career to the next level in 2013 when she released her first EP ‘Don’t ask me’, 'Don't ask me' contains four original tracks as well as a cover of the Stones classic "No Expectations' and features Peter Northcote on guitar and the rock-solid rhythm section of Lloyd G and Dario Bortolin. It received airplay played on radio stations across the country and the opening track “Why didn't you want me?” was a finalist in the Rock category of the 2013 MusicOz Awards. 

Cassady released her second EP “Heart”  containing four new original tracks in November 2016. "Heart" features Wolf Mail, Rueben Alexander (William Crighton, Ratcat), Brad Fitter and Paul Najar and was recorded by Nick Franklin (Matt Corby, Miley Cyrus) and produced by Nick and Daniel Vanda (The Wrights, British India).

Three of the four tracks on "Heart" were also shortlisted in the Songsalive Australia songwriting competition and the EP made it in to the top 100 Triple J Unearthed Charts. "Heart" received radio airplay on radio stations in Australia and around the world. It has received positive reviews including in Beehive Candy UKForbes Phoenix NSW and on Triple J Unearthed.

Says Alan Edwards of Seymour 103.9 FM:

"Cassady Southern is a wonderfully modern exponent of R & B, without losing its essential 'character and feel'. Her lyrics reach into and touch experiences that so many people have been through themselves. "Breakdown", and "I Liked It", are two catchy and very original pieces, that have featured on my show 'Musical Australiana', and received praise from my listeners." 

Cassady’s songs are authentic and catchy. They are influenced by the rhythm and blues of her upbringing but with a very modern twist.

She is currently writing her first full-length album and is playing around Sydney as part of a duo and a four-piece band.