"Heart is the latest EP for Cassady Southern. It is a beautiful collection of modern blues music. Cassady has included some classic blues instruments on the EP such as the Hammond organ and the slide guitar, however Cassady’s exquisite voice and talent for songwriting has given these traditional sounds a modern feel blending pop and rock elements to the blues sound. The result of this mixture is an EP that is authentic modern blues, filled to the brim with catchy tracks that will have you hitting the replay button! Heart is the perfect EP to start you off if you want to explore the Blues genre. "

The Forbes Phoenix



“"Cassady Southern is a wonderfully modern exponent of R & B, without losing its essential 'character and feel'. Her lyrics reach into and touch experiences that so many people have been through themselves. "Breakdown", and "I Liked It", are two catchy and very original pieces, that have featured on my show 'Musical Australiana', and received praise from my listeners." ”

Alan Edwards, Musical Australiana 103.9 Seymour FM



"'Feet on the ground' could be another Stones hit from the start, with tight drumming and punchy guitar from Wolf Mail, but remains great Australian Blues influenced rock with upbeat lyrics of things finally going your way from Cassady."

John Regan, A song for everyone, Northside Radio 99.3FM


"'Breakdown' showcases a gentler and more personal side of Cassady Southern. It sits well on the new EP in as much that, each song takes very different musical directions. The one constant is Cassady's fine vocals and the superbly delivered musical arrangements."

Beehive Candy, UK



Triple J Unearthed



"Great job! I could totally hear someone record this song and would not be surprised if I hear it on the radio, on an awards show or in a commercial someday. Amazing job! Go write your next hit!"

— Music City SongStar


— YouTube